“There is no difference between me and you” – Phyna To Daniel Regha

“There is no difference between me and you” – Phyna To Daniel Regha

Phyna, the winner of BBNaija Season 7, has had a heated debate with Twitter influencer Daniel Regha over controversial statements she made in her last podcast against Edo males.

In a recent episode of her podcast, Phyna discussed Edo men and their apparent tendency to extend relationships without progressing toward marriage.

Drawing on her own 12-year engagement with an Edo guy, she put light on what she saw as a prevalent problem among such men.

However, her comments sparked outrage from Daniel Regha, who resorted to social media to attack the reality star.

Daniel Regha accused Phyna of lacking knowledge and demeaning Edo men, as well as anomalies in her reported age and length of relationship.

He stated that Phyna’s words imply she began dating at an early age, which he considered troubling.

“Phyna is 26 yrs old according to her BBN & Wikipedia age, but she claims to have dated a man for ’12 years.’ So she started dating at the age of 14? Again, using her poor decision to disrespect Edo State men in general is wrong. She’s always sounding very unintelligent,” Daniel Regha’s comment read.

Phyna responded quickly to Daniel Regha’s comments, claiming that they were in comparable circumstances and accused him of hypocrisy.

“Daniel, there’s no difference between me and you if we look at it closely… And if gullible Nigerians agree, then we’re in the same boat. So, you either sit this one out or head to YouTube to watch the full podcast. Don’t be a hypocrite,” Phyna wrote.

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